The Messenger: Terry Bucholtz teaching the deaf the word of God

Terry Bucholtz is the senior pastor of Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church in Silver Spring, MD. He tells the story of how he was called to the ministry by God but struggled with the confines some hearing pastor’s tried to limit him to. Bucholtz now has his own independent church with about 100 members in an annex trailer in the parking lot of Hampshire View Baptist Church in Silver Spring.


Behind the Curtain with Oluseyi Segun

A behind the scenes look at American University’s African Student Organization fashion show with the group’s president.

Not your average carnies: Occupy D.C. carnival

April Fool’s Day marked the six month anniversary of Occupy D.C. McPherson Square. Though the movement seems to have lost some momentum since demonstrators were evicted from camping in the square, a group of occupiers gathered for Spring carnival…Occupy style.

“I’m gonna party like its 1799”


On the Saturday of President’s Day weekend each year, Gatsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria invites the public to party like it’s 1799. The 18th century tavern where Washington spent two of his birthdays host the Birthnight Ball for partygoers to come dressed in colonial costumes, partake in Menuet dancing and historic fare minus Washington’s birthday favorite — oyster flavored ice cream.

ProceedsĀ from the ball go to the restoration of the building. Board member Karen Byers said that after the earthquake in 2011, three of the museums fireplaces needed repair costing them over $900,000 dollars. The museum is also working to get the old ice well where ice from the river was once stored functioning again.

Open Skate: The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

Gliding, twirling, shuffling and crawling across the rink, crowds of people took to the ice at The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. While some practiced their twist and turns, others came out just to learn.

Dreams in The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

On an unseasonably warm January day in Washington D.C. we headed out to The National Mall to ask random people about their dreams. Some were from the night before, while others were just unforgettable. Under an enchanted silver tree in The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, people revealed what they saw in their sleep.

Eating lunch at school

photo by Erica W. Morrison

The Kenlaw sisters all go to Montgomery County Public Schools. Rachael, 16 and Grace, 13, talk about the options provided for them in their school cafeterias. Little sister Faith, 10, talks about what her mother packs her for lunch.